By the specialists' opinion the Russian gifts market began to develop at the beginning of the 1990th with the foreign goods import as the gifts industry wasn't developed at that period. The gifts market wasn't structured, the companies were looking for the optimal supply for the Russian consumers and the retail conception. There were imported to Russia both low quality China goods and very expensive exclusive products. Only now the Russian gifts market has gained civilized forms. Gifts market size is $ 10 mlrd per year. The demand for gifts and souvenir products is at its peak now.

In the nearest future the specialists expect the growth of the market in quality as well as in quantity, increasing number of specialized stores, the development of network structures and the entry of new players to the market. The original and unique gift is going to be popular among the customer. Meanwhile the majority of participants of gift market are expanding their activity enlarging the assortment and increasing the number of stores.

The development of the market depends on habits and traits of the Russian consumer. Recently the culture of giving gifts has changed a lot by adopting some eastern traditions. New holidays have appeared in Russia bringing to life new ways of making presents such as gift certificates. The retailers note the increasing requirements of the Russian consumers to the packing. The packing sales are the same as of gifts sales as the customers prefer to buy elegantly and beautifully packed gifts though the free package also looks good.

The specialists note the number of specialized stores has increased greatly recently. Another tendency is the rapid development of network structures which stake on gifts products sales. Tableware, houseware, interior items compose one of the gifts market segments. The largest networks in this segment are "Multi", "Krasny Kub". Another segment is presented by original gifts. Here the leaders are "Le future", "Bagatelle". The third segment consists of business souvenirs. The major companies are "Le Cadeau", "", "Strana podarkov".

The gifts market can be also divided into segments by price categories. The specialists distinguish the premium segment presented by monobrand boutiques, the middle-price segment presented by the popular trade marks and the low segment presented by mass consumption goods.

By some experts opinion the most popular, successful and promising are the multibrand stores situated in big trade centers. Due to such location the possibility to attract new clients is higher. Network stores united by corporate style, price policy and assortment allow to form favorable image and increase the recognizability among customers in a short period.

By opinion of "Kord" company specialists, the most profitable and rapidly developing sector in the gifts market is the wholesale trade.

The gift and souvenir market is also characterized by increasing demand for the more expensive goods.

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