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Green Country, home and garden decorations
Lantseva Natalia Yuryevna:

- Excellent organization, good exhibition place. A lot of design studios and designers. Many regions of Russia were represented, high level of exhibitors and visitors.

LTD "Style-Empire", souvenirs, dishes, Christmas gifts
Danshina Marina Valentinovna - manager:

- Exhibitors and visitors from all over Russia and CIS countries. Our booth was visited by regional customers - about 85%. Our company has received a lot of new offers and contacts, therefore, we assess our participation in the exhibition as successful. We wish the exhibition project “GIFTS EXPO” further development and prosperity!

ETHNIC CHIK (LTD Alliance MF), souvenirs, interior items made of brass and wood, design, furniture, jewelry, textiles
Belyaeva Lyudmila Nikolaevna:

- The best exhibition of this autumn! There were a lot of representatives of large companies, both among participants and visitors. We noted a great number of Moscow and regional wholesale customers, corporate clients. The organizers are professionals, creative managers with original ideas and innovative interesting solutions that fulfill their obligations. We will certainly participate in the next autumn exhibition “GIFTS EXPO”.

LTD “Art-steklo workshop”, glass decorative vases, paraffin candles
Trofimova Natalia - manager:

- Good organization of the exhibition, current issues were resolved promptly and professionally. More than 80% of our booth visitors were representatives of regional companies who came to Moscow for new products. I am sure that the exhibition project will continue to be held at the same decent level!

LTD “Brig + Company”, barometers, weather stations, watches
Gruzin Andrey Alexandrovich - Leading Manager:

- Great exhibition! We got many new useful contacts, met with new and regular partners and customers. I was pleased with the high professional level of visitors: managers, top-managers of trade organizations, representatives of government agencies, and purchasing departments. Among the visitors - half from the regions of the Russian Federation: Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Ulyanovsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk, the Republic of Mari El, Nizhny Novgorod, Tyumen, Tomsk, Yaroslavl, Samara, Pyatigorsk, St. Petersburg, Astrakhan and others. We thank the organizers for their professionalism and efficiency! Good work of the Administration and technical staff. We wish the organizers further success at work!

LTD Kustodiya, souvenir ceramics
Zaitseva Julia Yurievna:

- The organization is good as always. Everything went well! There were many professionals and specialists, individuals were not so much, which is very pleasing. The exhibition fully justifies the status of a leading exhibition business platform. 90% of visitors are representatives of regional companies who know this exhibition and constantly come in search of new companies and products.

RUSSKAYA LAKOVAYA MINIATYURA LTD, production of papier-mache products with lacquer miniature painting, caskets, balls, caskets, figurines.
Chirkin Vladimir Alexandrovich - Director:

- Everything was great! The wide geography of visitors is good. The exhibition left a good impression. There were many visitors from the regions - 65%, about 30% - from Moscow. The exhibition is very beautiful and diverse in themes, therefore it attracts specialists from various professional areas. The organizers are doing everything to update the composition of participants and visitors.

ZZOSS LTD, production of bladed weapons and VIP gifts
Trapeznikov Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich:

- Visitors know why they come to the exhibition. Many wholesalers have arrived. The project is wonderful, diverse products, a huge assortment of various goods and offers, high attendance. Our booth was visited by representatives of stores and chains, designers.

Zlatoust weapons factory, production of blade weapons, dishes, business souvenirs
Dronov Alexander Ivanovich:

- Exhibition “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2019” was held at a high level. Good impressions! Beautiful and spacious exhibition hall, convenient location in the very center of the city, many visitors. Among the specialists who visited our booth, the majority, 70%, were from Russian regions. We are satisfied! We look forward to further cooperation!

Berkovich M.B .:

- The level of visitors is above average. 30% - Moscow, 70% -regions. I liked the exhibition. Participants presented a wide variety of products in different price segments and different subjects. The exhibition is very colorful and noticeable, therefore, every time it attracts the attention of visitors. We wish the organizers further successful development!

KORZINAOPT.RF, gift wrap
Vasiliev Sergey Evgenievich-director:

- We liked everything. Very beautiful exhibition. Everything is great, keep up the good work. Our booth was visited by representatives of wholesale companies from Moscow and major cities of Russia. The exhibition is organized professionally, many new exhibitors and visitors. The organizers are doing a great advertising campaign.

"Strekoza" Perm, home decoration
Tokarev Roman Vitalievich:

- “GIFTS EXPO” is a productive exhibition project in which we find new customers and customers. This exhibition really works. Among professional visitors, the ratio of representatives of Moscow and regions of the Russian Federation is approximately the same, 50% to 50%. Therefore, we managed to communicate with various participants.

MIR DEKORA LTD, home decoration and decor
Nikulina Olga Alekseevna - head:

- The exhibition was excellent! Beautiful hall, high traffic, the presence of a large number of large and medium-sized representatives of the gift business among visitors. The professional level of visitors is completely different, but at the same time, most come to business in search of new partners.

“Woodgames” LTD, backgammon, chess, wooden souvenirs
Pantsurkin Nikita Aleksandrovich - commercial director:

- The project is successful. 50% Moscow, 30% regions, 20% foreigners.

“Kippeys” LTD, interior and decor
Dragomirova Evgenia Vladimirovna:

- All perfectly! We plan to take part in the spring and autumn of 2020.

IE Kuznetsov Mikhail Mikhailovich, leather goods
Kuznetsov Mikhail Mikhailovich

- 30% Moscow, 70% regions. We plan to take part in the spring and autumn of 2020.

Doodle, Wrist Watch
Talah Olga Yuryevna:

- Excellent organization of the exhibition, everything went well and harmoniously, emerging organizational issues were resolved quickly and professionally. We liked the exhibition, we will continue to participate!

Diligans, caskets, home accessories
Maryakhin Lev:

- The impression of the exhibition project is good. Moscow - 20%, regions-80%. Everything was perfectly organized. There were no difficulties with the documentation or the race. Special thanks to the manager who worked with us. At our booth there were a lot of professional visitors who come on business, who are set up for fruitful and long-term cooperation.

Krasota I Zabota, decor
Popova L.O.:

- I really liked the exhibition! Excellent organization, many visitors, convenient exhibition area. Be sure to take part in next exhibitions.

PKF Karo IE Purgin A.M., souvenirs made of natural stones
Purgin A.M.:

- At the exhibition there were many of our potential customers and almost all of the regions of the Russian Federation. Therefore, we expect in the near future the receipt of new orders for products. The exhibition left a positive impression.

“Kuzkin Dom” LTD, toys, souvenir products
Semenov Ivan Vladimirovich:

- I liked everything very much.

IGRA LTD, board games
Bushuev Yuri:

- The exhibition was excellent! Beautiful hall, high traffic, the presence among visitors of a large number of large and medium-sized representatives of the gift business. The professional level of visitors is completely different, but at the same time, most come to business in search of new partners.

“Tanit” LTD /NaPodarki.ru, tourist souvenirs, corporate souvenirs, gifts, wooden souvenirs with the printing of copyright images
Alexey Anatolyevich Pestin - Director:

Everything was great! We participated in this project for the first time, we contacted many representatives of the regions.

RUS-ART / IE Valkov, tiled fireplaces, gift items, watches, decorative plates
Valkov Sergey Evgenievich:

- Good organization. Purchasing managers are always good. Business atmosphere.

SMICH, souvenirs
Popenova Elena Stanislavovna:

- An impression of the exhibition project is positive.

Beitler LTD, jewelry boxes, leather goods
Sabe Gustav Director:

- High level of organization.

“BAREL’EF” LTD, souvenir products, garden and interior decor
Prozvan V.N.:

- As always, this exhibition is good. We were visited by 60% regions, 40% Moscow.

AO Fedoskino, caskets
Averyanov A.V. - Director:

- I liked everything: the exhibition is large-scale, there are a lot of participants, a huge selection of products of various quality and price category, a very beautiful and modern venue, a diverse profile of specialist visitors, many representatives of regional companies, a high level of professionalism. We will definitely continue to participate in this project!

“Alef” LTD iLikeGift, dishes, gifts, accessories, stationery, gift wrap
Grebennikov Maxim Mikhailovich, Director:

- A lot of handicraft companies. Good exhibition, professional organization. Exhibitors are large companies with quality products. Many visitors are professionals - wholesalers, store directors, officials. 50% of visitors were from the Russian Federation and 50% - from the Moscow region. We will definitely participate in 2020.

"Yanteks" LTD, interior items, textiles
Golikova Tatyana Dmitrievna – commercial director

- An interesting event. Of the visitors there are specialists who came for new products.

Eunion Capital, gifts, souvenirs, decor
Cultrera Armando David Vincenzo - Director:

- 3 days for the exhibition would have been enough. Visitors were from all over Russia and other countries.

Dekomotiv LTD, decor, furniture, kitchen products, bathroom products
Mkrtychyan K.S.

- Generally interesting. Our booth was visited by 10% Moscow, 90% regions.

Art foundry of Boris Andreevich Podorozhny, bells of small forms
Uvarova Liana Viktorovna:

- We have been participating here for 10 years, we really like it! Thank you very much!

Toporkova Yu.I., paintings, bas-reliefs, amulets
- Well-developed attraction of the "necessary" contacts. Wholesalers-implementation, due to which there are no "extra" people, most of the contacts are useful and promising. Really “necessary” people, everyone came “on business”. Owners and top-managers of salons, galleries, corporate gift departments. Private public with a high income, responded well to the price of 50-100-150 thousand rubles for work. Everything is perfect. Thanks to everyone! Well done!

V''BRONZE, gifts, souvenirs from bronze
Vyatchenin Victor Vladimirovich - director:

- Good impression of the exhibition project. Many visitors were interested in products and knowledgeable about this direction.

Enterprise Art-Modern ceramics LTD, handmade porcelain
Baranova N.B. - head of Sales Department:

- We express gratitude to the organizers. We believe that the exhibition was successful and look forward to further cooperation. A lot of visitors were interested in our products. Good location in the center, near the Kremlin. Good attendance, thanks! We wish the organizers success and prosperity!

365 Plus LTD, designer porcelain, corporate gifts, aromatic gifts
Tsvetkova M.V .:

- In 2019 exhibitors presented many areas of gifts, porcelain.

Devyatkin A.A. - representative:

- The impression is positive, quite a lot of interested potential partners.

Shkineva Alla Petrovna:

- A positive impression of the exhibition project.

“Aval-O” LTD, soft toy, dolls
Yandulova O.G. - director:

- In general participation in the exhibition brought the company positive results for the further development of the business. I liked the clear organization.

“TD Dilyaver” LTD, soft toys, interior gifts, lacquer boxes
Glants Anna:

- The professional level is quite high.

IE Kuzmina Lyudmila Viktorovna, developing children's sets
Kuzmina L.V. - Entrepreneur:

- This is our first experience, we liked it.

ARIEL MANUFACTURE LTD, glass Christmas toys
Tersinskikh Elena Viktorovna:

- “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” is one of the most visited exhibitions on Christmas topics and on gifts! This year is definitely the best! Visitors are wholesalers, representatives of purchasing departments of retail chains from Moscow and the Russian Federation, corporate clients, VIPs. A wide advertising campaign of the exhibition was held. We wish to continue to maintain the same decent level! See you at the autumn exhibitions of 2020!

“ART PLANETA” LTD (Gift Center), packaging, soft toy, New Year's gifts
Avstan G.M. - Head of Sales Department:

- Coincides with the direction of our activity. 20-30% of visitors are professionally associated with the gift industry.

Zhilekspertiza, Christmas figures
Pshenichnikov Oleg Nikolaevich:

- The exhibition was excellent! I am glad that the leading representatives of the Christmas goods market are consolidating on one platform. The exhibition “CHRISTMAS & FESTIVE DECORATIONS” takes a leading position among the exhibition events of this segment. We will participate in the autumn exhibition.

“Put` Podarka” LTD, packaging, Christmas decorations, lamps, creative kits
Gulitova N.A. - General Director:

- Good impression of the exhibition project. The prospect of new customers. Visitors are different. Good luck!

Magiya veshej, cotton Christmas toys
Lysenko Olga:

- The impression of the exhibition is positive. Everything went very well for us. A lot of advertising in the press, on radio, television, mailing lists and, as a result, there are always a lot of visitors, 70% were from the Russian Federation and foreign countries and 30% - from the Moscow region. The geography of exhibition visitors is all of Russia.

“Vintage” LTD, handmade Christmas decorations from natural glass
Lavrinovich Olga Mikhailovna - creative director:

- Organization at a fairly high level. Professionals with specific goals and objectives, tuned for cooperation. 10% - Moscow, 90% - regions.

"Morozko" LTD, Christmas handmade glass souvenirs
Orlova Vera Nikolaevna:

- This is a specialized exhibition of this subject. All market leaders participated. The organizers conducted a wide advertising campaign as always, so there were many visitors from the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Crimea, the South of Russia, the Far East and Central Asia. See you in the spring of 2020!

IE Zasimova O.V., handmade jewelry
Zasimova Olesya Valerevna

- I liked everything, thanks!

IE Shevyakova S.V., costume jewelry
Shevyakov A.V .:

- Exhibition “GIFTS EXPO. AUTUMN 2019” - “COSTUME JEWELERY & ACCESSORIES” went well. Good results. Good organization of the exhibition. A lot of professionals, nice. Please increase the exhibition opening hours to 20:00 hours. We plan to continue to participate in the next exhibition “COSTUME JEWELERY & ACCESSORIES”.

Bonnet, jewelry, bags, Spain
Nesterenko Eugene
- Beautiful, interesting. There were a lot of orders. We will participate in the next exhibition.

IE Rakhmanova N.P., costume jewelry, souvenirs, accessories
Ryabinina Olga Vyacheslavovna - financial director:

- Professionally. Everything suits me.

Yangjiang Yikun Hardware Products Co., Ltd., manufacturer of kitchen products, food containers
Rita Yue:

- Geography of visitors to the exhibition “HOUSEWARE EXPO” : 50% - Moscow, 50% - regions. I am going to participate in the spring and autumn exhibitions in 2020. The general impression of the exhibition is good. Keep up the good work!

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